Cincinnati Yoga Tours: Sage Yoga Co

My first stop on my Cincinnati yoga tour is, of course, the one closest to my house. I’ve been to Sage Yoga Co a few times in the past, but due to moving around and schedule changes with work, I never became a steady client. A year has passed since my last visit and I decided that the time to reconnect is now.

Sage is deeply involved with the community around it. There are many instances where they collab with breweries in the area, including one of my personal favorites Braxton Brewing Company in Covington and Wooden Cask in Newport. They host Winter Makers’ Markets featuring local artists and crafters. They’ve held many classes where they collect goods (coats, tampons, depending on the charity) to donate back to the community.

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Walking into Sage, you are immediately enveloped with warmth and community. The teacher was at the check in desk and was quickly able to register me for class. To the left of the picture above are cubbies with ample room for coats, purses, shoes. To the right of this picture is an adorable kitchenette. I made a hot cup of tea and rolled out my mat in the practice area of the studio.

I was definitely impressed with how easy it was to get settled in. The biggest perk with many modern studios would definitely be that the process to check in and register for class is predominantly expedited by online forms and registration. I was able to put all of my information online and moved right along.

My biggest caveat with Sage is the shape of the practice area. Because the building is a gorgeous Covington historic building, there is the ability to have exposed brick. While it is gorgeous, the brick mixed with the long and narrower practice space makes for a hard-to-hear situations. This wasn’t a huge issue – truly, there were only a few moments where I thought, “Wait, what did she say?” I wouldn’t let this deter you from practice here, just be mindful of where you align your mat.

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I decided to drop in to the 6am Sunrise Yoga. The teacher wasn’t specified at registration, but Summer was a delightful treat. I’ve been practicing Ashtanga early in the mornings since March, and since the shala was closed for a holiday break, I was excited to find a class that would allow me to continue my early morning routine. The MindBody scheduling system is a breeze to use and within moments I was signed up for class.

Membership options are readily available. Drop in to a class for $20 or check out their $10 Happy Hour Flow on Fridays. Opt in for a 5, 10, or 20 class pack or sign up for an unlimited monthly package for $105 per month.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram or Facebook and be sure to join in on one of their classes!

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