Cincinnati Yoga Tours: Body Alive

One of the biggest styles in the yoga world today is the hot yoga community. Hot yogis are no joke when it comes to the heat, and naturally, the sweat that comes with it. For the regular vinyasa goer, the 102 degree heat and 40% humidity can be more than intimidating. If you’re willing to give it a shot, Body Alive has some of the best prices around to get started.

I actually want to talk about that first. Price is a *big deal* in the yoga world. There are many people that simply can’t afford the top notch $200/month fee to practice. The standard price of a single class (about $20) seems a little outrageous to most. Body Alive is no exception here, $20 for a drop in class. The real stand outs are when you get into the class packages. At their Oakley location, the five class pass goes for $60 while similar studios normally charge $90. 10 class pass at Body Alive costs $110 while other studios are charging a range of $140-170. These prices are a bit lower at the Body Alive Crestview Hills location.

Where I’m really intrigued is their $40 auto-renew package of four classes. I think this is probably the best deal around for the person on the go. The Body Alive monthly unlimited yoga class package is only $89 – I’m floored. Similar one month unlimited prices are typically upwards of $140.

I’m always a sucker for a good deal, so knowing how reasonable the fees were, I found myself interested to try it out.

Crestview Hills location photo via Body Alive.

The Crestview location is the one nearest me and as far as the prices I mentioned above, it appears to be a few dollars lower than the Oakley location prices.

Body Alive has made it pretty apparent that they are fitness based in everything they do. Actually, straight from their website reads, “High energy fitness is who we are.” If you’re into that, you’ll love their yoga classes. I burned roughly 268 calories during the hour class according to my Apple Watch (plus some odd minutes when I forgot to turn it off). I’ve gone to other hot yoga studios and I typically burn anywhere between 250-302 calories during a hot class.

The teacher had her routine down pat, she easily led us through her sequencing and made sure to correct alignment when needed. Yoga classes at Body Alive are ended with a cold towel across your forehead (see photo below) that are lightly scented with lavender. The moment the teacher put the towel on my head, I immediately thought, “Wow, this is so bougie and I love it.” There was never a moment in the class where I thought I couldn’t do something, but even so the teacher gave plenty of modifications. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t irritate me when she pushed us to push our limits. She made it seem like we were exploring where we could go other than pushing ourselves just to push.

I had two issues. The sequence was definitely fitness based (we are not shocked, we know this about BA) so it felt repetitive. The teacher’s goal was to work on legs and booty…so I felt like we were shackled to Warrior postures and runners lunge. And like any fitness class, it was all about holding the pose, not so much working with the breath. My second issue was the microphone. All Body Alive instructors wear a microphone – which is fine, but it feels impersonal.

Photo via Body Alive.

My final thoughts: Why not? It’s a good deal. They offer a range of classes at a range of range of times for a reasonable price. If you’re a fitness lover and want yoga, sculpt, barre, pilates all under one roof – you’ll find a happy home here. Check out more on their website and take advantage of their many classes!

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