Pre-Release Review: Happy and You Know It

I’m not a mom. But when I saw my Book of the Month options (oh – you need a referral code?), something pulled at me to read a novel about uppity rich mommies with some dirty little secrets. Lawd, am I glad I did.

As something I selected as a complete whim, Laura Hankin had me completely hooked from page one and I could not for the life of me put this book down. Rarely do I devour a novel in less than 24 hours time (I’m more of a binge-in-two-nights type of gal), but I found myself only putting it down to teach my yoga class. Even rarer, I texted my friends and insisted they pre-order it right away.

Expected Publication Date: May 19, 2020

Image via Goodreads.

Told from multiple view points, Claire halfheartedly agrees to a part-time gig as a musician for an upperclass playgroup for newborns. What started off as a quick grab for cash ends up being much for Claire. Meet Whitney, super-mom extraordinaire and social media sweetheart. Gwen is the veteran mother of two, who offers great mom advice and is always researching the ingredient list. There’s Amara, a new stay-at-home mom who is struggling to find her place without her career. Childless Claire is sucked into the world of rich motherhood, where women can have it all with yoga retreats, juice cleanses, and TrueMommy vitamins.

I could sing praises from the rooftops for this book. Again, I am not a mom – but the characters were so relatable I had no choice but to fall in love with them. I understood their motherhood troubles without having experienced them myself. Hankin crafted these rich, beautiful women with flaws that even the lay people (ahem, you and I) can understand. The pacing of the novel was perfect. My biggest pet peeve is when the pacing is so slow you kind of forget what is happening or why it matters, or the opposite – when it’s so fast you can’t tell what’s happening. Happy and You Know It was slow enough for me to pick up all of the little pieces yet fast enough for me to stay entertained. And can I say it again? The characters. I felt like I knew them myself.

Of course, some critique. Claire, Amara, Gwen, Whitney. Those were the characters I really cared about and that the author gave the majority of the “screen time” towards. There are, however, three other members of the playgroup: Vicki, Ellie, and Meredith. (I even had to double check to confirm her name was Meredith.) These characters play such a small role, I believe the twist could have happened without them. I’m don’t think it was any less of a novel because they were present, but as a reader, I was more often than not not thinking about them. We could have done without.

I urge you to pre-order (or regular order, depending on when you read this) Happy and You Know It. You’ll have a good time reading it and, more importantly, I think the characters would approve of you reading a frivolous novel whilst indulging in a bottle of wine or two.

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